Tribe 13 | Vision
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For what seems like Aeons, Tribe 13 has built galleries in forests and festivals, ran art markets, curated cultural events, generated media and promoted the contemporary visionary art movement worldwide. Yearly festivals like Envision, Burning Man and Symbiosis have hosted the traveling gallery helping link art and music into a unity of community celebrations. Working with organizations like Conscious Alliance, Tribe 13 has used art to generate food for the hungry. Over the years it has developed a more transportable and accessible market to help artists connect with the larger art world and sell their work. With countless art installations, live painting performances, presentations and workshops, Tribe 13 has been sharing and inspiring the new vision.

​8 years ago, Tribe13 has been showcasing the best in Visionary Culture. From utilizing mobile art gallery installations in remote locations across the globe to representing World Tours and mini-exhibitions in a variety of formats. Tribe 13 represents an ever-growing collective of artists who share a passion for transformative expression. We build and curate unique Mobile Art Showcasing environments.

Every time a person is affected by art, the impact is universal. Each time an artist conjures up a vision and casts it into existence as a painting, installation or glass sculpture, they steer the collective whole of humanity towards something new.

Tribe 13 promises to deliver a unique experience that will be prolonged long into the future.