Tribe 13 | Seth Leibowitz
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Seth Leibowitz

One day Seth ran into a gentleman standing outside a tattoo shop below his apartment. The guy had an amazing portrait of Kurt Cobain that blew Seth’s mind. At that moment his interest was piqued; he soon began working at American Tattoo and would later move on to open Artform Gallery & Tattoo.

Seth specializes in cover-up tattoo work. When asked more about his style, he said: “Versatility is key with tattooing. I really try not to perfect a signature style; instead I enjoy exploring new styles and embracing different techniques.” He is inspired by Jeff Gogue, a brilliant painter and tattoo artist. Seth also adds that Jeff is an “all around great human being.” When it comes to his artwork, Alex Grey has also made a huge impact in addition to Guy Aitchison. Seth admires that Guy is educating fellow artists by promoting the high standards for the tattooing industry.



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