Tribe 13 | Sandra Betancort
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Sandra Betancort

In a strong theatrical gesture, a rhombus nacibajo arlequn. Spin around and landed on them, wrapped in smiles, between colors interwoven in the conjunction of the target 25 of the oldest and respected race in October, positioned 77 degrees red to 11:50 arlequn night of the year. God blessed the king from the 8 diamonds set on the ages of dancers creciespecializndose masks in all matters relating to the visual arts. Each member of the lodge, he confided to a daily task, which was acquired skill and knowledge as a plastic artist, photographer and art director. Interested in everything related to arts, history, music and culture, endless nights under way esfrica library, surrounded by traps that carried thousands of copies of literature. Responsible for keeping alive the color, acrobatics and flight from wandering between the two scenarios. TELN opens before you, receive the pirouettes, ydjense lead in journey of creation, kept alive the msicaydjense lead esprituescuchen Born in Caracas, Venezuela. He studied painting and drawing from an early age, which ended siguicursando when his college career, both in the United States, California, where he broadened his knowledge not only in the audiovisual field, but also studied painting, studying t techniques and materials in abstract art, and in Madrid, Spain



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