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Every time a person is affected by art, the impact is universal. Each time an artist conjures up a vision and casts it into existence as a painting, installation or glass sculpture, they steer the collective whole of humanity towards something new.


Amanda Sage

‘Through my work I aim to shatter the ‘illusion of separation’, to challenge the viewer to question, and evolve out of ignorance, conditioning and ingrained genetic habits.

In life I strive to take responsibility for the effect of my existence, and through my actions and images, inspire others to think/dream beyond their immediate capacity. Ultimately I seek to create portals that open to the infinite possibilities of being and expressing, so that we may remember and re-discover who we are, where we originate from and where we are headed.

My aspiration is to paint messages, visions and narratives that communicate with an ‘older & wiser us’, awakening ancient memory; as well as the ‘present us’, that we may grow up and accept the responsibilities towards ourselves, each other and the rest of existence on this planet… now :)’

Amanda Sage is at the forefront of a new breed of visionary artists using art as a tool for personal, spiritual and planetary growth and transformation.

Born 1978 in Denver, Colorado; her adventurous spirit carried her to Bali, then on to Vienna, Austria to study classical painting with Michael Fuchs, resulting in becoming a long time painting assistant to Ernst Fuchs.

When not traveling to teach workshops or for projects & exhibitions, she currently spends most of her time in her studio above the HIVE Gallery & Studio’s and the Temple of Visions Gallery in downtown Los Angeles.

Shrine On

Dear Friend,

      I don’t know you,

but I am a dreamer and a vagabond too…

Traveling on electric highways.

      And the house you built of fragile stuff,

is the same as mine.

       It may be never, it may be soon

But I hope that some afternoon

I’ll hear a step on the creaking stair,

I’ll open the door and you’ll be there,


Carey Thompson

I have been deeply inspired by the creative offerings of others, through music, painting, dance, as well as by the art that surrounds us all the time in the form of forests, beaches, mountains, and rivers. Through the inspiration gathered from all these sources, I myself have developed the means to channel the current into art in the form of paintings and sculptural installation.

The intention embedded within these works is to assist in the catalyzation of one’s core connection with the source, that which connects us all, to heal the schism between ourselves as humans and the world around us. Our strongest resource is inspiration, and through this means we have the power and ability to steer our society towards the path of love, beauty, and peaceful harmony which will ensure our survival on this wonderful planet we are so blessed to live upon.


Xavi is an internationally recognized mural Artist and Designer widely known for his contributions to global visionary art and festival culture.

Growing up in the 80’s and 90’s as a skateboarder in the Washington, D.C. metro area, I  was exposed to Graffiti Art at a young age. I quickly became obsessed with this almost alien force of art. The dopeness of Graffiti was an intoxicating feeling beyond anything for which I had words.  Dynamic letters, colors, shapes and characters came alive in my imagination, hypnotically pulling me toward some future destiny. I knew  that this was my calling in life.  In order to feed my obsession, and being that I was so young, my parents bought me an airbrush and I began painting murals. Soon, I was painting murals in kids’ bedrooms, at my high school and in local businesses.  I started airbrushing graffiti t-shirts, jeans, backpacks and whatever anyone wanted me to paint. Ever since then, I have worked full time making art and building a career … one creation at a time. Since the 90’s, the rave scene and West Coast festival culture have given me a space to share and grow culture & community. Everyday I feel humbled that I am able to participate in making art with the intention of bringing light and making the world a sweeter place.

Chris Dyer

Chris Dyer is a Peruvian artist, living in Canada, and traveling the world half of his time. He experiences different cultures and then re-expresses them into his own oneness visions. He serves as a Bridge builder between different art movements from skateboard graphics, visionary paintings, street art murals and more. He wants to break boxes and see everything as one optimistic reality. Though his subject matters are as varied as his styles, his art is just a reflection of his personal spiritual journey..

Kris Davison

All of my work is rooted in geometry and I have been devoted to this for most of the 36 years of this life.  What I’m expressing is a visually poetic response to a geometrical language that underpins and connects all.  The language of the universe, light, god and goddess….the language of creation….the place we come from….the place we return to…

Tattooing is a newer medium in my artistic timeline.  I came to it because I wanted more connection with the people who support my work. Through practicing this ancient sacred art, my creative practice has expanded into a healing practice, which is inseparable from all spiritual practice.  I see each tattoo as a Talisman charged with the particular energy that comes through the weaving of my creative intuition with the client’s intent.  I hope all of these expressed works connect with the ones who wear them in a way that uplifts and inspires.

Morgan Mandala & Randal Roberts

Randal Roberts and Morgan Mandala are a co-creative couple who have woven together their artistic processes into a unified vision. Well known for their individual work, the duo’s collaborative paintings are characteristically large scale acrylic works boasting bright colors and ornamental psychedelia. Their creative process is inspired by the ever flowing continuation of the universe and the love that radiates

Simone Star

Simone Star is dedicated to a path of service and self-growth, and her art is a symbolic representation of this healing journey. Simone’s art typically involves 3 dimensional elements and often takes the form of altars or shrines. Simone has no formal art training and considers herself a modern “folk” artist.

She is a member of the Tribe 13 artist’s collective and has displayed her art in numerous galleries, visionary art exhibitions, festivals and The Yerba Buena Center for The Arts in San Francisco. She has also published a children’s book titled “The Magic Key,” of which she is both the author and illustrator. When Simone is not making visual art she is dedicated to sharing mindfulness-based psychotherapy, yoga, and somatic awareness techniques to at risk youth. She presently teaches yoga to incarcerated girls in juvenile hall and is working towards a graduate degree in psychotherapy.

Jesse Noemind

noemind [pronounced] no•mind \ know•mind: All Heart = no mind. When thinking stops. BEING takes over.

Jesse Noemind is a universal light transmitter. Through an alchemical approach to the dream with in a dream, he provokes higher states of consciousness. Setting an unprecedented live digital painting tour, noemind has performed at more than 100 shows in 2 years while pushing the envelope of digital art. While working with a diverse range of performance artists, music producers performing live and designing album art, noemind has also explored the fashion world and other industries. You may have seen the art of noemind at events such as: Burning Man, Cochella, Lightning in a Bottle, Envision (Costa Rica) and most transformational festivals, enchanting the environment through color therapy and theta-visual-technology. The intention behind these creations calls forth unconditional love, healing energy, and restoration of all imbalances on this planet – and all dimensions everywhere.