Tribe 13 | Alex Ubatuba
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Alex Ubatuba

Ubatuba has been blowing glass since 2000 but has been creating art all his life. He was always encouraged to create art, so when he took to lamp working his surrealistic visions finally had a voice. His visual influences range from space anomalies to sea forms to invertebrate structures. The unifying theme of these assemblages he asserts is “life underneath the surface, the internal glow of the universe”. His mission is to incorporate this interior world with his outside life as much as possible. To this end he uses his art to build his community via collaborations with friends. The show on March 8th, Illuminating Offerings, was a collaboration between Alex Ubatuba, gallery owner Kurt Redeker, jewelry designer Jason Burruss, DJ Soulacybin and music duo Erothyme. Inside the gallery space the lighting and sounds permeated your senses by creating a breathing habitat of Ubatuba sculptures



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